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06ASTANA508 2006-11-08 09:45 2011-08-30 01:44 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Astana

DE RUEHTA #0508/01 3120945
R 080945Z NOV 06 ZDK

E.O. 12958: N/A 
ASTANA 00000508  001.2 OF 002 
1.  Summary:  This information is drawn primarily from the 
Kazakhstani press and has not been verified.  The opinions expressed 
in this report, therefore, should not be interpreted as official 
positions and/or policy of the U.S. Government. 
-- Khrunichev Center Wins Tender for Creation of Kazsat-2 
-- Spread of HIV quickens in Kazakhstan in 2006 
-- Memorandum on Conservation of Saiga Signed 
-- EC to Help Kazakhstan Develop National Environmental 
-- Nazarbayev Calls for Science Reforms in Kazakhstan 
-- Chinese-Kazakh Commission Discusses Border River      Protection 
-- New Complex for Storing Dangerous Waste Will Be Opened 
-- Students from India Sick with Enteric Fever 
-- Ecological Code Has Been Approved by Mazhilis 
-- Buarbai-Schuchye Resort Area To Be Developed 
Khrunichev Center Wins Tender for Creation of Kazsat-2 
2. Russia's state-owned Khrunichev Space Center has won a tender for 
a second communication satellite Kazsat-2, worth $115 million, which 
is planned to be launched between June and August 2009.  According 
to Gabdullatif Murzakulov, deputy director of Kazakhstan's Center 
for Space Communications and Electromagnetic Compatibility of 
Electronic Devices, the technical characteristics of the Kazsat-2 
are similar to those of the Kazsat-1. Kazsat-2 will be sent into an 
orbit of 32-33,000 kilometers over the equator and oriented for 
providing television and telecommunication services 
(Interfax-Kazakhstan, September 25, 2006). 
Spread of HIV quickens in Kazakhstan in 2006 
3. Minister of Health Care Anatoly Dernovoy announced that as of 
October 1, Kazakhstan has registered a total of 6,943 HIV infected 
individuals, including 426 AIDS cases. The number of new HIV-cases 
in 2006 almost doubled from 2005 and totaled 1,266, including 86 
children under 14. In terms of HIV, Kazakhstan ranks fifth in CIS, 
keeping behind Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus. 
(Interfax-Kazakhstan October 10, 2006) 
Memorandum on Conservation of Saiga Signed 
4. On September 25 in Almaty, representatives from the Agriculture 
Ministries of Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and 
experts from international environmental protection agencies met to 
discuss the conservation of the saiga antelope, which has decreased 
in number from 1.2 million in the 1990s to 21,000 at present. 
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan signed a memorandum which 
obliges them to take measures to protect the saiga antelope. Russia 
refrained from signing the memorandum.   Poaching and uncontrolled 
mass shooting are the main reasons for the decrease of saiga 
population. An intergovernmental agreement on saiga protection is to 
be developed within the framework of the international meeting 
(Interfax-Kazakhstan, September 29, 2006). 
EC to Help with National Environmental Programs 
5. The European Commission intends to help three Central Asian 
states to develop national environmental strategies.  On October 11 
in Almaty it presented the project "Development of National 
Ecostrategies for Sustainable Development of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan 
and Tajikistan." The EC will help Kazakhstan to identify and address 
its environmental problems.  (TV News, October 11, 2006; Channel 31, 
October 11, 2006; Panorama, October 13, 2005). 
Nazarbayev Calls for Science Reform 
6. On October 13, President Nazarbayev congratulated the National 
Academy of Sciences on its 60th anniversary. In his address he 
announced that a special state program would be adopted to 
strengthen Kazakhstani science programs.  Science financing will be 
increased 25 times. A science foundation will be established. The 
foundation will be engaged in selection, expert evaluation, 
financing and monitoring of engineering development. Two billion 
tenge ($16 million) will be allocated for scientific and technical 
activity in 2007 through the Science Foundation, which is equal to 
10% of all funds allocated to science in the country. A university 
focused on science will be opened in Astana.  Priority directions of 
scientific and technical development will be nanotechnology, 
biotechnology, nuclear technology, space activity, 
information-and-communication technology and new technology for 
hydrocarbon and mining-and-metallurgical industry (Liter, October 
14, 2006; Express K, October 14, 2006). 
Chinese-Kazakh Commission on Border River Protection 
7. The fourth meeting of the Kazakhstani-Chinese commission on the 
ASTANA 00000508  002.2 OF 002 
use and protection of cross-border rivers opened in Almaty on 
October 16. The commission discussed the use and protection of 
cross-border water resources. The Kazakhstani-Chinese commission was 
set up in 2003. (Interfax-Kazakhstan, October 16, 2006). 
Top of Form 
New Complex for Dangerous Waste Will Be Opened in Atyrau 
8. A new complex for storage of dangerous waste will soon be opened 
in Atyrau.  The complex will allow companies involved in development 
and processing of hydrocarbon raw materials to store waste without 
harming the environment. (Express K, October 17, 2006). 
Students from India Sick with Enteric Fever 
9. KTK announced that three students from India who had returned to 
Karaganda to continue studies at the Karaganda Medical Academy have 
enteric fever. This disease has not recently been registered in 
Kazakhstan. Preventive measures were taken at hostels and at the 
Academy. (KTK, October 26, 2006) 
Ecological Code Has Been Approved by Mazhilis 
10. A new ecological code was approved by Mazhilis on October 26. 
The code determines basic ecological requirements for many types of 
economic activity. The code does away with provisions that had 
permitted selling part of quotas of some natural users to others, 
and reduces the types of activities allowed in the sphere of 
environment. It also adopts a norm according to which the payment 
rate for emissions into environment should be established by the 
Government. (Interfax-Kazakhstan ,October 26). 
The Buarbai-Schuchye Resort Area Being Developed 
11. A Burabai-Schuchye health resort zone is being designed in the 
Akmola Oblast.  The program will be implemented in 2007-2010.  The 
program is intended to reconstruct the Kokshetau airport, build 
entertainment complexes, casinos and golf clubs and health resort 
facilities and a center for primary health care in the Burabai 
settlement.  Construction of an international level skiing complex 
has started.  Extending the route of fast electric trains from 
Almaty to Astana and Burabai and from Omsk to Petropavlovsk and 
Burabai is under consideration. A new water supply system will also 
be provided (Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, October 28, 2006). 


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