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09ASTANA756 2009-04-30 12:06 2011-08-30 01:44 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Astana


DE RUEHTA #0756/01 1201206
O 301206Z APR 09

E.O. 12958: N/A 
1.  (U) SUMMARY:  Embassy Kazakhstan is proud to submit two 
proposals for the 2009 TV Co-Op Program.  The first is a proposal to 
produce a series of news stories and a 15-minute documentary on 
trafficking in persons (TIP) in the United States.  They will air 
both locally and on the popular national channels "Astana" and 
"Channel 31."  These stories will also be used as educational tools 
by local NGOs and the Embassy office of International Narcotics and 
Law Enforcement (INL).  The second proposal is for a series of 
stories highlighting the life of disabled people in the United 
States.  The stories will appear on "Era TV," a growing Astana-based 
television company.  END SUMMARY. 
Trafficking In Persons:  The Proposal 
2.  (U) Journalist Yuliya Yefremova plans to investigate the chain 
of trafficking in illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United 
States.  She would describe the role U.S. border security plays in 
fighting trafficking and how U.S NGOs support victims of TIP. 
3.  (U) On returning to Kazakhstan, Ms. Yefremova plans to produce 
five 3-minute news stories and a 15-minute documentary on anti-TIP 
activities in the United States.  In addition to her main subject, 
Ms. Yefremova will create five news stories on cultural and social 
life in America.  Every news story and the documentary will air at 
prime time on "Channel 31 Ust-Kamenogorsk," local independent 
station "Kalken TV," and government-owned channel "Oskemen 
Kazakhstan."  Additionally, the news stories and the documentary 
will be run on the national channels "Channel 31" and "Astana." 
Trafficking in Persons:  The Justification 
4.  (U) Kazakhstan faces a growing problem of illegal migration and 
human trafficking from other Central Asian countries.  The danger of 
falling victim to sexual and labor slavery is very real for illegal 
migrants.  Also, the limited number of shelters for TIP victims is 
another major Kazakhstani problem.  NGOs willing operate shelters, 
but with little government or private funding.  To help counteract 
these societal problems, Ms. Yefremova hopes to: 
-- Study U.S. border security in terms of prevention of illegal 
migration and TIP, and obtain statistics on TIP and illegal 
-- Participate in law enforcement operations aimed at stopping 
illegal migration and/or TIP; 
-- Visit shelters operated by NGOs for TIP victims and/or illegal 
migrants and learn about their operations and management; 
-- Interview TIP victims and illegal migrants to get a sense of 
their motivation; 
-- Interview independent analysts to get a balanced view of the 
5.  (U) Securing Kazakhstan's borders against illegal immigration 
and human smuggling dovetails with numerous Embassy programs to 
prevent trafficking in narcotics, to prevent non-proliferation of 
weapons of mass destruction, and to prevent the rapid spread of 
disease across borders, among others.  These reports would create 
popular support for several of our Mission Strategic Goals, such as 
Partnership in Regional and Strategic Security, Ensuring 
Non-proliferation to Bolster Global Security, and Improving Health 
in Kazakhstan to Promote Security and Prosperity.  Highlighting U.S. 
NGO work helps to build civil society in Kazakhstan, and the life 
and culture pieces will create mutual understanding.  It's hard to 
imagine another single program that touches on as many of Embassy 
Astana's goals as does this proposal. 
Trafficking In Persons:  The Journalist 
6.  (U) Yuliya Yefremova is a freelance journalist who has covered 
TIP cases in East Kazakhstan.  She created and anchors the View 
Point program at "Channel 31 Ust-Kamenogorsk."  In 2006, she was 
named Journalist of the Year for social, economic, and political 
issues by the mayor of Ust-Kamenogorsk.  In 2008, she won first 
prize in a Eurasia Foundation competition for her coverage of 
illegal immigration and TIP.  This will be her first TV Co-Op 
Trafficking In Persons:  The Details 
7.  (U) PA/OBS/BS will be asked to assist the crew in identifying 
appropriate site visits and contacts for interviews.  Travel 
expenses to the United States for the two journalists will be paid 
by the INL office of U.S. Embassy Astana.  Post will cover travel 
expenses for the interpreter. 
Disabilities in America:  The Proposal 
8.  (U) Dana Saudegerova of "Era TV" plans to film a series of TV 
stories (approximately ten 20-minute TV reports) about disabled 
people in the United States.  Her stories will focus on how American 
with disabilities live and work day-to-day.  The stories will be 
broadcast in prime time and will be heavily advertised. 
Disabilities in America:  The Justification 
9.  (U) Disability is a very sensitive topic for Kazakhstani 
society.  Kazakhstani disabled people live in appalling conditions 
leftover from the Soviet era.  Many stay locked in their apartments 
for months since staircases and elevators are not designed for 
wheelchairs or crutches.  People with disabilities are often unable 
to work or attend
 schools or universities.  They tend to live in 
poverty, since it is always impossible to find a job and family 
members often have to quit their jobs to provide care.  Also, public 
places are not wheelchair accessible, so disabled people are cut off 
from the life of Kazakhstani society.  The American experience in 
the field of disabilities, and especially the effects of the 
American with Disabilities Act, can help change the attitudes of 
both authorities and the general public in Kazakhstan toward the 
disabled.  Some of the issues Ms. Saudegerova would like to explore 
--Social Safety Net - Is it enough to allow for food, housing, 
medicine, and a decent life; 
--Employment - Can disabled people find work, are they paid fairly, 
do they work together with people who are not disabled; 
--Daily life - How do disabled people move around the city and visit 
public places?  How are they integrated into society; 
--Education - What is the effect of disabilities on children in 
10.  (U) By showing the constructive way America has integrated 
people with disabilities into daily life, something our exchange 
program returnees invariably comment on, these reports will do more 
than simply create a positive view of the United States and build 
mutual understanding, though these goals are certainly worthy enough 
in their own right.  They can also support a sense of civic virtue 
that is absent in many post-Soviet societies.  The American approach 
to people with disabilities focuses attention on the need for civil 
society in Kazakhstan, and the importance of tolerance for and 
understanding of minorities.  This strongly supports one of our high 
priority Mission Strategic Goals, Supporting the Development of 
Democratic Systems and Practices. 
Disabilities in America:  The Journalist 
11.  (U) Dana Saudegerova is a correspondent for "Era TV," an 
Astana-based television company that has been growing in influence 
and viewership over the last year.  "Era" has worked closely with 
the Embassy on many projects, and we hope to develop that 
relationship as the channel becomes more and more influential.  This 
will be Ms. Saudegerova's first TV Co-Op opportunity. 
Disabilities in America:  The Details 
12.  (U) PA/OBS/BS will be asked to assist the crew in identifying 
appropriate site visits and contacts for interviews.  Travel 
expenses to the United States for journalists will be paid for by 
"ERA TV." 


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